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Rehabilitation and Fitness Therapy

Rehabilitation/Fitness Therapy

The focus of our Rehabilitation Fitness Therapy Program is on the transition from an acute injury or poor fitness condition, to the capacity to participate in the activities of everyday living, while addressing the issue of safety through the means of supervised physical rehabilitation exercises at our Elite Fitness center Carroll Gardens, NY.

Senior Fitness Therapy

Similarly, if you're a senior and are interested in beginning your exploration of fitness, we have an extensive Senior Fitness Program which serves to teach you the basics of physical fitness and activity, while additionally guiding you in pushing your body to make you stronger and fitter than ever before.

Our Senior programs include physiological, biomechanical, and motor learning principles so we can develop safe and effective physical activity/exercise programs for older adults.

Rehabilitation Program

Focus of Rehabilitation on Industrial rehabilitation for to assist an injured worker in returning to work as soon as possible, Sports Rehabilitation for athletes, and general Rehabilitation Therapy for the rest of us, to assist us in getting from Point A to Point B, whatever those may be.

Using variations of common functions, we prepare you by tailoring an experience to the needs of the client in assessing their injury and goals, as well as in developing a program to strengthen both stability and strength in the injured area.

Fitness Program

Fitness Therapy at Elite allows you to experience a trainer led fitness regimen. Whether a total beginner, moderately fit, or professional athlete, our skilled and trained staff can help you move beyond your limits and attain even more gains, in body, and mind.

Start with a single trainer or immerse yourself in our wide selection of private and/or group classes. Our floor is open to you.

Elite Fitness Center in Carroll Gardens, NY

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Senior Fitness Program

From its inception, Elite has always been a community gym focused on the health and well-being of our local community. To that end, all our trainers are skilled in working with you, our members, at any age, and any fitness level. All our classes similarly can be individually tailored to meet your specific requirements, offering you every opportunity to immerse yourself in a new world and meet a group of like-minded people who will further motivate you in your fitness endeavor.

In addition to our class offerings, a number of our trainers are ready to work with you one-on-one at your request to take you through fundamentals, progress you to more advanced techniques, or tailor various offerings to work within your specific range of motion or physical range.

Try a free three-day-trial pass for our local 11231 and 11201 community members, or contact us today about what we can do to help you find your reason.