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Strength Training

Strength Training at Elite Fitness Studio

Core Strength:

Endurance Training

Improve your overall fitness by focusing on building your endurance, whether you're a runner, cyclist, or casual urban warrior. We offer a number of classes with our highly qualified trainers that can suit your needs.

Strength Training

Typically the first step of any fitness regime or weight loss program, building a core foundation of strength in your body promotes the breakdown and rejuvenation of muscle tissue for a overall health, overall fitness and strength, increasing the amount of energy your body needs, and ultimately, with a strong healthy diet, providing an overall change in your energy levels while at work, or play.

Core Strength Training

Not to be ignored, Core strength training is more than isolation of abdominals, as it focuses primarily and overall body reconditioning using a variety of techniques to not only boost overall strength, but trim, tone, and work out supporting structures: lats, deltoids, shoulders, back, quadriceps, etc...

Though not typically seen as such, core strength training specifically yoga, pilates, and rowing offer you the opportunity to improve elasticity, overall strength, and total body reconditioning.

All options are offered as classes, and also available for private coaching or group coaching options with the trainer of your choice.

Special Offerings at Elite

Strength Training Basics

Learn and improve upon your own strength with the help of our skilled trainer as we progress you through various techniques to strengthen your body, as well as your mind. Using established principles, we seek to not only improve your physical strength, but focus on technique, and knowledge as we guide you from fundamental movements in muscle/endurance building into more advanced movements and the use of equipment.

Contact us and schedule a training session today to build your fundamentals, and progress to more advanced concepts.

Expect the introduction of more advanced techniques allowing you to become more familiar in a gym environment, more experimental in your own regimen at home, and feeling stronger in mind, and in body.

As always you should consult your health care professional before beginning any strength program. You should also know that building muscle mass increases the amount of energy your body requires to function, therefore a well balanced and healthy diet should be incorporated as part of any fitness plan.

Lastly, years of research show that a good base of muscle mass will also reduce the amount of fat in your body, leading to the basic strength course as being a wonderful tool in developing musculature, endurance, and with the proper diet, a good starting point for embracing a newer healthier you.

TRX Kettle-Bells

TRX focuses on the dynamic core, utilizing stabilization muscles in conjunction with body weight exercises to not only drastically improve your strength and muscular endurance, but to tone and shape your body.

Kettle-Bells are a russian invention used for over 300 years in developing the strength agrarian farmers would need in their work. Later incorporated into the training regimine of the Soviet Army, their shifting center of gravity make them ideal in the contemporary world in improving grip strength, utilizing stabilization muscles and your core, as well as in improving your overall strength.

Combining the two, we have developed a course in which we progress you in using both historically tried and true, as well as more advanced techniques to build your body in mind in ways you wouldn't even believe. Contact us for more information.