Elite Fitness Studio

Wellness Programs

Well · ness


The state of wellness, as defined: the state or condition of being in good physical and mental health.

In the facilitation of good mental and physical well-being, Elite Fitness Studio would like to highlight some of our extensive fitness programs, for your consideration, in meeting your fitness goals.

We strive to provide a wellness program with the aim to promote healthy living for all ages. With any of our expansive offerings, whether classes, private training, group training, or just in using the floor or studio, we invite all members to find their reason and push themselves to a better and newer you. Fit, energetic, and stronger, both physically, and mentally for the demands of a hectic world in a place with over a decade in the community who respect your time, needs, and commitment.

Whatever your background, or your future goals, we at Elite are more than happy to offer our services to you, our members.

If you own a business, contact us at Business Partnership today about our Business Offerings, exclusive membership deals for business, or utilization of our knowledge to put together your very own facility, whether at home, or office.

Nutrition & Weight Loss Programs

Holistic Health Counseling: By incorporating a variety of teachings, from cooking classes to grocery shopping, we’ll work with you to facilitate a lifestyle change that will give you more energy, improve your mood and relieve what ails you.

Trophology: The science of food combining, Eat to nourish your body and your body will respond with increased energy and vitality

Physical Training | Private & Group Coaching: offerings in physical fitness from strength training, incorporation of pilates, yoga, or nonspecific body conditioning to fit your needs.


The perfect complement to cardiovascular exercise, strength training, sports conditioning, or rehab. Pilates will leave you looking toned and feeling rejuvenated...

Pilates is a safe and highly effective way to stretch, strengthen, and streamline your body without putting stress on your joints

Strength Building

Improve your overall fitness by improving your basic strength. We offer a number of free-weights, kettle-bells, and an assortment of machines and space for you to develop your own strength routine.

If you're a beginner, or would like to move to the next step, with our help, we offer courses in Basic Strength, TRX, Kettle Bells, as well as private and group coaching options at your discretion.


Yoga is an ancient body/mind practice that would help you explore your body and release stress while strengthening and toning your muscles.

You can start with beginner, or more advanced classes based on your experience and needs. In addition, local community members are invited to join us for free Community Open Yoga every weekend.

Senior Fitness

Our Senior programs include physiological, biomechanical, and motor learning principles so we can develop safe and effective physical activity/exercise programs for older adults.

For our older members, in addition to our everyday offerings, which our trainers modify specifically for you and your needs, we present you with our Elite Senior Fitness Program, for those coming our of injury, we offer Rehabilitation Therapy, and for those who just want to start, or move beyond a period of inactivity, we offer our Elite Fitness Therapy Program. In all cases, under our highly skilled, certified, and motivated trainers.