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At Elite, we recognize the overall health of a Businesses staff oftentimes directly correlates to good mental and physical health. To assist in that endeavor, speak with us about we can offer your company with respects to bulk offerings for you and your staff today.

Elite Corporate Consulting Services

Elite Consulting will help you make the right choices for your home or business. We will design, layout, and set up your new studio or fitness room. So you can enjoy the benefits of health and well-being without being overwhelmed by your project.

We can obtain the highest level of customer satisfaction; because we not only put it all together for you, we also teach you how to use it efficiently and effectively.

We are committed to provide you the highest quality service in consultation on the very smallest: a small room in your home or office, to the largest projects: a multi level 20,000 sqf facility.

Don’t let your investment become a hanger, storage room or a plain waste of space.

Email: info@efitstudio.co for further details. Or call us at (718) 596-0006


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Elite Fitness Studio

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